At Prestige International Insurance Group, we are committed to providing medical professionals with coverage options that are geared towards to the specific risks that come as part of this industry. Our team has decades of experience providing insurance that protects medical professional against liability claims.

Our products are tailored to the profession and include protections for exposure to legal obligations that arise as a result of injury. Our medical professional insurance products also protect against acts or omissions that occur while providing medical services. Examples Include :

  • Acts Committed Prior
  • Endorsements for Reporting (as needed, on request)
  • Profession and Business Liabilities
    • Legal Liabilities
    • Water and Flooding Liabilities
    • Fire Liabilities
    • Owned, Non-Owned, and Hired Automobile Liabilities

Additional coverage with specific sub-limits include:

  • Identity Theft, Resolution, and Recovery (Option extension to members of household that are also impacted)
  • Liability Related to Employee Benefits
  • Costs Associated With Legal Defense For Claims Related to Medical Waste
  • Costs Associated With Legal Defense For Claims From A Regulatory Authority
  • Liabilities or Costs Related to Medical Payments
  • Claims arising from property that is under the control or custody of the professional

Let our dedicated team of experts work with you to create a plan of coverage specifically tailored to the risks you are exposed to. With our experience working with medical professional insurance, we are confidant we have the solution for any coverage requirement!

At Prestige International Insurance Group, we take care of you, your business, and your employees! Contact us today to learn more or request a quote here.