Prestige International Insurance Group Offers Expert Planning for Commercial Property Insurance

We can help your business be prepared for a variety of scenarios including fire and flooding. Many business owners maintain a single general liability policy for their business, however this creates risk and exposure for the business owner for other loss events that can occur. As the business owner, you may be liable for damages cause to your property or to other properties if the cause begins at your location. You may also find that your general liability does not cover loss events such as theft from a burglary or replacing inventory in the event of loss.

At Prestige International Insurance Group, we perform a comprehensive analysis on your commercial insurance needs, which includes a review for commercial property insurance. In many case, having this extra protection amounts to a small and affordable increase to the overall premium.


In general, commercial property insurance will provide protection and remedy losses that occur in situations like :

  • Damage to the Structure or Building
  • Furniture and/or Equipment Damage
  • Loss of Inventory
  • Damage to Landscape
  • Loss and/or Damage to Signage
  • Property Damage other than your own
  • And much more…

We will tailor a commercial property insurance policy to your business specific risk and exposures. We will leverage any concerns you might have today and in the future, to provide you with a custom, comprehensive commercial property insurance policy.

Contact Prestige International Insurance Group right away for a free quote and more information about a Commercial Property Insurance Policy.